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Garrison Keillor Apologizes

I didn't comment on last week's mini-furor about A Prairie Home Companion host Garrison Keillor's essay that seemed to slam gay marriage, because knowing Keillor's deadpan delivery so well, I thought the piece was pure satire.

The country has come to accept stereotypical gay men -- sardonic fellows with fussy hair who live in over-decorated apartments with a striped sofa and a small weird dog and who worship campy performers and go in for flamboyance now and then themselves. If they want to be accepted as couples and daddies, however, the flamboyance may have to be brought under control. Parents are supposed to stand in back and not wear chartreuse pants and black polka-dot shirts. That's for the kids. It's their show.
Many did not agree with me, including Dan Savage, who responded with a lengthy column titled Fuck Garrison Keillor. Today Keillor has issued an apology, sort of, in which he argues the Salon piece was meant as a gentle jab at his dear real life gay friends. Most of the commenters aren't buying it, but I think I still tend to take Keillor's side on this. What do you think?
UPDATE: Rex Wockner has extensive follow-up on this story, including Dan Savage's reaction to the apology.

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