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Harlem Nights

Last night I trekked up to Harlem for pal Damian's birthday party, meeting up there with a gaggle of chattering nattering bloggers. Are all my friends bloggers, or are all bloggers friends? Damian's apartment is hoooge, even by Harlem standards, six or seven rooms, airy and light-filled with interesting details. My entire 2-room UES studio could fit into his living room. And get this, his rent is exactly the same as mine. Heavy sigh.

Damien's swell place is located over the historic Mt. Morris Baths, which opened in 1893 and is known as the only bathhouse in America that catered to a predominantly black clientele. We couldn't tell if the place is still in business, which greatly frustrated Father Tony. Leaving the party, we grabbed the above picture, then caught a cab in front of Al Sharpton's office across the street. A cab! In Harlem! At 3AM! Great night all around.

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