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Still In The Two-One

I've already posted too much about the rents on the Upper East Side, but I'll mention this too. Today I wandered across the street on my way home from the subway to peek at the signs in the lobby of a new apartment building almost ready for tenants. The posted rents are pretty much in line with the neighborhood, but as I was peeking through the glass, a woman next to said, "Please. They're out of their minds. This place won't even be in the two-one."

On July 1st, the post office is splitting the vaunted 10021 zip code into three, creating 10065 and 10075, which is causing a huge outcry from zillionaires who are worried that their apartments will lose value once no longer in 10021, which was the #1 zip code in the country for federal election campaign donations in 2000 and 2002 Remaining smugly silent, of course, are those who will keep 10021. My semi-shabby (but not chic) 3rd-floor walk-up will stay in the "two-one", and I'm sure that news will make all the working stiffs on my block feel so much better about their rent.

UPDATE: Gothamist has a map of celebs in the two-one.

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