Main | Monday, April 30, 2007

No Menus

The super of my building recently got fed up with all the restaurant menus being shoved under everyone's doors by delivery guys, so he posted a sign on the front door: "No Menus!" When that did not slow the piles of fliers, he posted a new sign: "DEFINITELY No Menus!" Oh, definitely? Yeah, that didn't work either, considering that most of the food delivery guys barely speak English. Some New Yorkers have been known to get so fed up with the menu litter that they call false orders into the offending restaurants. NYC is currently considering a bill making it a crime to leave advertising materials at buildings that don't allow it. Good. Businesses and homeowners can already be fined for allowing advertising litter to remain on their sidewalks. After Starbucks cups, advertising junk seems to comprise the bulk of the litter on the streets.


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