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Survey On Gay Neighbors

In a survey of 24 nations conducted between 1999 and 2002, homophobia was shown to be the most prevalent form of bigotry in the western world, compared to bigotry based on race, religion and national origin. Titled Human Beliefs And Values, the survey was conducted by a international group of social scientists, who asked Europeans and Australians the question "Would you mind a homosexual living next door to you?" The percentage of respondents who said "yes" varied greatly by country. Some of the most offended:

Northern Ireland - 36%
Italy - 29%
Austria - 26%
Greece - 26%
Portugal - 25%
Australia - 24%
New Zealand - 22%

The most welcoming country for homos was Sweden, with only 6% objecting to gay neighbors. I'll try to find the complete list and post it here. I suppose we should be comforted that even in the most homophobic nations in the survey, around 70-75% would have no problem with gay neighbors. How do you think the USA would rank?


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