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The fourth annual gay bloggers meet-up takes place in NYC this weekend. Largely organized by Dallas-based bon vivant Zeitzeuge Mark, this year's drunkathon stretches over the holiday weekend.

Friday 9PM: Cocktails at Therapy in Hell's Kitchen, 348 W.52nd Street.

Saturday 2PM-6PM: Central Park picnic on Bear Hill above the roller-disco near the flagpole. Live DJs, wacky NYC characters, no alcohol allowed. (But plenty consumed. Suggestions: white wine in Sprite bottles, thermos margaritas, etc.) Bear Hill is just west of the bandshell. Enter at 72nd Street.

Saturday Late Night: The NYC Eagle's (NSFW) rooftop bar in Chelsea at 554 W.28th Street.

Sunday Beer Bust Blarg Hop: Beginning at the Dugout at 5pm, we will haul our sodden butts up 8th Avenue with hour-long ssshtops at Gym Bar, Rawhide, View Bar, finishing at the Eagle at 9PM. You may wish to take a cab from Dugout to Gym Bar.

If this GB:NYC goes like the previous three, there will be outrageous displays of drinking abilities and disabilities, with accompanying groping, macking, and hooking up. Please join us, all are welcome. Bloggers, let me know if you plan on attending and I'll add you to this post so that your stalkers know where to find you.

ATTENDING: Zeitzeuge, Queerty,VelleityNYC, Someone In A Tree, Palochi, Farmboyz, Mark Of Kane, Crash And Bryne, Traveling Spotlight, Habitat 67, Fox In The City, Cynically Optimistic, Life Is Such A Sweet Insanity. Cornelius-A-Go-Go. Glennalicious, See My Briefs. Ham & Cheese On Wry, The Ninth Circle Of Helen, Spamwise, Atari Age, More to come.

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