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Haliburton Junior, Jr.

Yesterday Mary Cheney and Heather Poe gave birth to a baby boy, Samuel David Cheney, seen here with his grandparents, Lynne and Shotgun.

I have to agree with Rex Wockner, who says, "I have to hand it to the Cheneys. For more than six years now they have been PFLAG parents to Mary and Heather and also somehow kept the religious-right, gay-bashing Republican base from throwing a deal breaker hissy about it. I watched the whole dance be performed step-by-step, I wrote about it on occasion, but, in the end, I haven't the foggiest idea how they pulled it off. How did they get away with it?"

Still no word on who the father may be. Family Pride is holding a digital baby shower for the future Haliburton heir, money he'll need since his mommy's book is now selling for FIVE CENTS on Amazon.

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