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Saturday Love

For always and forever, you will be my Saturday love. Ah, that's better. Another lazy Saturday afternoon in the park with my boys, attended by George, Aaron, the Farmboyz, Little Tom, Little David, Foxy, Rod, Mike, Chris C., Dr. Jeff, DC guys Todd and Joe, several friends of friends and a trio of doggies. The park is fantastically lush already, amazing considering there wasn't a leaf on the trees just a couple weeks ago.

The DJ kicked an especially laid back groove all afternoon. Standout tracks: Mary Jane Girls - All Night Long, Tom Browne - Jamaican Funk, Roy Ayers - Running Away, Soul II Soul - Keep On Movin', Cherelle - Saturday Love, and my personal highlight, The Originals - Down To Love Town. The usual roller boogie characters were on hand. [Below: Bladey Flowness and his fly spider bike, Disco Grandma (71!), the hottest man on eight wheels, Farmboy Chris and Chris C.] It got rather cool towards the end of the day, making us wish we'd brought jackets. On the upside, the chill in the air created a snugly puppy pile of bloggers.
NOTE: There will be no disco in the park next Saturday due to NYC's first ever Dance Parade, which we will surely attend.

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