Main | Thursday, May 03, 2007

Shelter Kitty: Week One

Shelter Kitty has turned into a competely wacky, manic, galloping, nuzzling, purr monster. Which suits me perfectly. Her socialization took about 48 hours and now she can't bear to be more than 10 feet away from me, which isn't that hard in a studio apartment.

Her hobbies are chirping, laying in her windowsill sun bed, stalking the pigeons outside my bathroom window, and generally flipping out while chasing her little blinking, squeaking ball. She particularly enjoys my headphone cord, seen here. She's finicky about her food so far, rejecting everything except the Iams dry food the shelter had been giving her, even turning her nose up at a slice of roast beef. I've been testing various names on her, today's is "Shelley", short for Shelter.


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