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Shelter Kitty: Week Three

OK, you got me. Another cat post. But this one does have a purpose. Sometime last Saturday it started to seem like Shelley was in heat, showing all the usual signs: yowling, rolling around, being overly affectionate. Impossible for a neutered shelter animal, you say? I checked her records and called the APSCA who confirmed that Shelley was indeed spayed in May, 2006.

However, I've done some looking around the web and some sites indicate that on rare occasions the vet doesn't get all the reproductive tissue on the first round, causing the cat to continue heat cycles. She's back to her old self already, poor thing, after about 5 days of heat behaviors. Does anybody else have experience with this? I know there's a few vets that read this here website thingy. Do I have to have Shelley re-spayed? The info I've found online has only been in owner discussion forums, I can't find anything "official". Summer is here and I don't want her (or ME) to have to go through the several more heat cycles that the sites I visited indicated may be coming. On a happier note, Shelley has now met several of my friends and is becoming less likely to dive under the bed when strangers arrive.


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