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They Want You As A New Recruit

This being Fleet Week in NYC, I'm reminded of a story from when I lived in Orlando, back when the Naval Training Center was open, circa 1982.

Phone rings......

Joe: Hello?

Woman: Is this Joe?

Joe: Yes, it is.

Woman: Joe, you don't know me, but I'm David's mother. He's sitting right here with me and he doesn't want to talk to you, but I'm calling on his behalf to let you know that he has Come.Back.To.The.Lord! (Praise Jesus!) David has been born again and is once again walking the path of the righteous! (Praise Jesus!) When his leave is over he will be restricted to the base under the guidance of his pastor and won't be seeing you anymore. (Praise Jesus!) I'm calling for him to let you know that we're both praying for you and that we hope that you too can return to the love of Jesus, who died on the cross for you.

Joe: Um, who's David?

It was a busy, busy time for me.

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