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Three Strikes For Poz Texan

In another "third strike" case, a Texas man who videotaped sexual encounters with 131 young men has been sentenced to life in prison for attempting to seduce a 15 year old boy. The man is HIV positive and allegedly never told any of his partners, most of whom with he had bareback sex. The attempted statutory rape charge was the man's third felony conviction, hence the life sentence.

The Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of three strikes laws in 2003, despite pleas from the families of those given life sentences for drug possession, shoplifting, burglary and other non-violent crimes. Many states have reserved the three strikes sentence for violent crimes only, but not Texas.

Does a man deserve life in prison for attempted statutory rape of a 15 year old? Even if he's HIV positive and did not disclose? Is trying to seduce a 15 year a violent crime? As for the adults he had unprotected sex with, it takes two to bareback. Those men are responsible for their own actions. This guy is obviously a complete scumbag, and my gut reaction is, "Yeah, right ON, shitcan this fucker for life." But I have to wonder, if this guy wasn't gay and wasn't HIV positive, would he have gotten this life sentence?

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