Main | Friday, July 06, 2007

The Ball Knows

My 5-year old niece got a new American Girl doll, one that looked quite a bit like her, except for the doll's short bangs. After two weeks of begging, my sister finally relented and cut my niece's bangs to match the doll. My niece ran to the mirror with glee, but shocked everybody with, "I hate it! I'm ugly! I'M UGLY!"

A screaming fit ensued.

Her mother assured her that she looked wonderful, even held her up to the mirror with the doll to show that they looked like twins. My niece said, "You have to say that, you're my mom. But I know who'll tell me the truth!" She ran to her room and returned with her Magic 8 Ball, shaking it furiously. "Will the kids at school like my bangs?" She handed the ball off to my sister, who truthfully read the answer. "Outlook not good."

A screaming fit ensued.


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