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Gay Activists Disrupt UN Secretary General Speech In San Francisco

Gay activists interrupted the San Francisco appearance of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon yesterday, protesting the United Nations' refusal to address the plight of LGBT people being murdered, attacked and imprisoned around the world. Led by local activist Michael Petrelis, activists disrupted Ban's speech to the World Affairs Council of Northern California, chanting, "Break the silence! Talk about gays!" (Photo credit: Clinton Fein.)

General Ban responded, "That is most unusual welcome for me . . . As Secretary General, I'm supposed to answer all questions . . . The gay rights issue is very sensitive."

Petrelis: "The UN has been silent for far too long, as our gay brothers and lesbian sisters are aggressively selected for human rights violations, torture and execution across the globe, simply due to their sexual orientation." A global day of solidarity for LGBT people is planned for August 4th. The NYC event is being organized by veteran activist Brendan Fay and I will attend.

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