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LGBT Rights Advance In Cuba

Primarily fueled by the activism of Fidel Castro's niece, Mariela Castro, LGBT rights are advancing in Cuba. The Communist Party is about to introduce a law which would legalize same-sex unions, allow gays to adopt, and grant lesbians access to state-run reproductive services. Trans people are being granted name-change rights, hormone treatments and surgery.

Cuba has been under the rule of Mariela's father, Raul Castro, for the last year since Fidel Castro stepped down "temporarily" for health reasons. Despite the apparent improvements for LGBT folks, dissident groups say the news is a smokescreen for continued human rights abuses in Cuba. Although the number of political prisoners has declined, dissidents say they are being unfairly dealt with in new ways that do not involve imprisonment. Others say that Mariela Castro is being groomed to lead a new post-Fidel/Raul nation.

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