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Poz Soldier Arrested For Barebacking

A 25-year old Army private in North Carolina has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon and committing a crime against nature for having unprotected sex with an 18-year old male civilian. Fort Bragg officers warned Pfc. Johnny Dalton to not have unprotected sex after he tested positive for HIV last November. They were alerted by the civilian's mother after he fell ill and tested positive for HIV, although it's not known if his infection can be traced to Dalton.

Dalton is being held in county jail pending a $50,000 bond. According to North Carolina law, an HIV positive person must use condoms at all times and must always disclose their condition to sex partners. Dalton faces the same charges in both civilian and military court. He was not deployed to Iraq due to his serostatus, but apparently was also not challenged on his gayness.

Question: A "crime against nature"? Didn't the Supreme Court legalize sodomy nationwide? What am I missing here?

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