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Man-Dissa Hits #1

Mandisa, the 5th season American Idol contestant who was voted off the show shortly after she made anti-gay comments to the press, has landed on her feet.
"True Beauty" (Sparrow), the first album by fifth season "American Idol" finalist Mandisa, enters the Top Christian Albums chart at No. 1. It's the first debut album by a solo female artist to open at No. 1 in the 27-year history of this chart (the survey was first published the week of March 29, 1980). "True Beauty" gives the "Idol" franchise its 132nd No. 1, counting all national, domestic charts compiled by the Billboard Information Group. On The Billboard 200, "True Beauty" is new at No. 43.
Her first single is I Love Jesus For Hatin' The Gays.

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