Main | Thursday, August 09, 2007

Morning View - Carlyle Hotel

The 35-story Carlyle Hotel, at Madison and 76th, was built in 1931 during the golden age for art deco Manhattan landmarks (Empire State, Chrysler, etc.). Originally a residential hotel, today the Carlyle is a co-op with 160 rental units and 60 privately-owned suites.

The hotel's Cafe Carlyle has hosted many famous jazz artists such as Bobby Short, who played there for over 30 years. (Remember his perfume commercials? Chaaaarlie.) Woody Allen and his band, The Daughter Fuckers, have been playing the lounge every Tuesday since 1996.

Presidents Truman, Carter, Reagan and others preferred the Carlyle when in NYC. JFK owned a 34th-floor apartment there for the 10 years prior to his death. Today room rates start at $700/night, topping out at $6000.


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