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MSNBC's Tucker Carlson:
I Smack Down Cruising Homos

The gays-as-dirty-potty-cruisers angle seems to be overtaking the coverage of Sen. Craig's arrest. Last night on MSNBC, Tucker Carlson recounted having, with friends, beaten up a man who allegedly hit on him in a men's room, much to the hilarity of his co-hosts. Carlson described himself as "the least anti-gay right-winger you'll ever meet". Yeah, cuz gay-friendly guys beat up guys that hit on them. Gawker headlined their coverage of this as "Tucker Carlson Beats Up Gay Men With His Friends". As Gawker notes, it sure sounds like Carlson admitted to a crime on-air, doesn't it? Carlson claims his tearoom-troller was arrested. Surely somebody out there can find proof of this, if it actually happened.

I like this comment on the Gawker post:

Dear Tucker,

Just a quick note to remind you about:

a)Dancing With The Stars
b)Your bowtie collection

Your Repressed Homosexuality

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