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California Approves Gay Marriage. Again.

For the second time, today the California legislature approved same-sex marriage. And Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is expected to veto the gay marriage bill as he did in 2005. He has until October 14th to sign or veto. California presently permits same-sex couples to register as domestic partners.

Equality California Executive Director Geoff Kors said, "We call on the governor to rise above right-wing ideology, as he has on many other issues, by signing this bill. By a new Legislature passing this bill with an even larger margin than in 2005, our elected representatives have shown that the people of our state strongly support equality and fairness. The governor should keep up with the will of the people and show the kind of bold bi-partisan leadership on this issue that will define his place in history."

The bill was authored by Assemblyman Mark Leno (D-SF), who is openly gay.

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