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Freepers: The Best Show On The Net

As you probably know, of all the right-wing batshit lunatic sites out there, nothing beats Free Republic. I read it like I read WingNutDaily and like I watch The 700 Club, purely for the gleeful entertainment value of seeing conservatives lose their shit.

Today's Freeper gem, as so many of them do, comes out their "Homosexual Agenda" file, in the responses to a horrifying story about a sexual assault committed by two pre-teen boys against a 7 year-old boy on their school bus in Michigan. Some commenters rightfully ponder the effects of a sexualized society on young children and some believe that the older boys have been molested by an adult. (My opinion, too.)

Others predictably blame discipline in the public school system or the "obvious" lack of religion in the attackers' lives. But many blame the gay rights movement for "normalizing" pre-teen boy on second-grader sexual attacks. Because, isn't that what we're all fighting for? And amusingly, very amusingly, they also blame somebody else. Here are the keepers of the Freepers' quotes as they elabocrazy on the cause of the attack:

-"Just remember where this all started. Oral sex became the norm with teenagers when it was ok’d by Bill the original pedophile Clinton. This behavior has now trickled down to seven, eight, and nine year olds."

-"It was not a sex act, ask President Clinton, who is more than willing to set the example for our country’s youth."

-" Nothing wrong here. It’s not sex. bill clinton told us so...."

-"If he didn't learn it because someone was molesting him it was via homo-sex-ed in school. So sad. Our culture is going down the sewer."

-"It should be obvious that this attack is the result of "gay" people ramming homosex down the throats of public schools. This is what they WANT, people!"

-"Some of these children are going to confuse their natural affection for their same-sex pals with ‘romantic’ feelings. This, I believe, is part of the plan of those adults who want to weaken traditional society, and strengthen the force of “alternative” lifestyles."

-"Blame the secular left. Vehemently, and with vengeance."

-"Another homo sex predator. Sigh."

-"Part of the left’s agenda is the destruction of the traditional family unit, with too many obvious examples to list. One method of destroying the family unit is to encourage children to develop “private” relationships outside of the family, especially sexual relationships."

As the saying goes, you can't make this shit up.


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