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Bombshell From Mike Jones:
"Larry Craig Visited Me"

When the Larry Craig scandal first unfolded, Mike Jones told me that Sen. Larry Craig had been an escorting client of his. I asked Mike if he could prove his claim, but he said that while he didn't have voice mail messages to backup his claim, as he did with Ted Haggard, he would nevertheless come forward IF Craig did not follow through on his resignation.

Today Jones told a Las Vegas radio station, "Larry Craig visited me." Like Haggard did, in the beginning, a spokesman for Larry Craig told the radio station that Jones' allegations are "completely false."

It's been killing me to keep this to myself, as you can WELL imagine. Now the story is finally out, since Craig has reneged on his promise to resign. Proof may not be as conclusive as it was for Ted Haggard, but Mike Jones has a credible track record. I believe him.

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