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Hollywood: No Mo' Homo

According to Entertainment Weekly, the huge success of Brokeback Mountain has surprisingly failed to interest Hollywood in making more gay-themed films.
Brokeback was more than a movie. It was a phenomenon that commanded the cultural conversation for months, from Jay Leno to YouTube to the cover of The New Yorker. More important, it proved that straight audiences would snap up tickets to a same-sex romance. Since then, a few gay-themed films have been released (e.g., Notes on a Scandal). But seemingly no studio — nor any studio art-house division — has greenlit a film with a gay lead character. ''I don't think any studio responded by saying, 'Quick, dust off whatever gay dramas we have!''' says one former studio head. As surprising as it seemed that Brokeback could lose the Oscar to Crash, the real shock is just now setting in: Brokeback may have changed nothing.

When audiences complain that Hollywood is out of touch with the rest of the country, it's invariably because a movie is deemed too liberal. When it comes to gay characters, however, it's out of touch for the exact opposite reason.
With nothing gay in the Hollywood pipeline, it's another few years in art house city for mo's that want to see themselves on screen. Otherwise, we'll have to make do with yet more live action comic book movies (yaaawn) and het romantic "comedies." Oh, and doesn't Rambo XVI come out soon? I'm still laughing at my buddy Leif's idea to combine gay porn and martial arts. His suggested title: Crouching Bottom, Hidden Dildo.

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