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It's A GOP Whoregasbord!

Ho-lee CRAP! The scandal unfolding around Washington state Rep. Richard Curtis (R-DUH) is out-Haggarding and out-Craiging anything we've ever seen from fucked up, self-hating, anti-gay, right-wing Republicans. And that, my tender kittens, is rilly, rilly saying something.

Today's Self-Loathing Menu

(Prix Fixe: One Political Career)

We start with a late-season twink porn prostitute appetizer (NSFW), followed by a main course of cross-dressed role-player john en crout with medical device garnish, served with generous side orders (PDF) of cell-phone photos, X-rated videos, bondage, theft, and blackmail.

Dessert: Cru Anal avec DNA crème lourde.


From the police report, via Dan Savage:
Curtis stated both he and the male walked into the lobby together. He told the male gain that he would give the male $100 to help him out but he was not paying him to have sex. Curtis and the male went up to Curtis’ room, which was 968. Once in the room Curtis gave the male $100…. Curtis and the male ultimately had anal intercourse on the bed in Curtis’ hotel room. The male performed intercourse on Curtis and the male’s semen and/or DNA would be on the inside of the condom while Curtis’ DNA would be on the exterior. Curtis said he was the person who received the anal sex. [Emphasis Dan's]
The hooker told the cops:
[Castagna] states [Curtis] was a “freak.” [Castagna] said that [Curtis] dressed in women’s lingerie during sex. [Castagna] said he used a condom and performed anal intercourse on [Curtis]…. After the sex act was completed [Curtis] told [Castagna] he wanted to perform “bareback sex” on [Castagna because Curtis] did not like the feel of condoms. [Castagna] told [Curtis] that he did not do that, that he didn’t know [Curtis], and that “bareback sex” was unsafe sex and was dangerous. [Curtis] asked [Castagna] “what would it take for you to do it.”
According to Castagna, he and Curtis settled on a $1000 barebacking fee, but when Curtis fell asleep after completing the act, Castagna took pictures with his cell phone and left with the Honorable Rep's wallet. He then called Curtis and demanded his fee with a threat to expose Curtis to the press and his wife. Police nabbed Castagna when he showed up (and this is priceless) at the "last flowerpot on the Washington Street Bridge", where he'd instructed Curtis to leave his money.

Castagna has a lengthy criminal record:
The Columbian newspaper in southwestern Washington where Rep. Curtis lives confirmed that Castagna has faced multiple charges in juvenile court in Spokane and King County involving assault, theft, burglary and malicious mischief and that in 2001 he pled guilty to a forgery charge as an adult and was sentenced to two months in jail followed by a year in community custody.
But Curtis has been busy elsewhere too:
Curtis, according to a search warrant unsealed Tuesday, went to the Hollywood Erotic Boutique on East Sprague on October 26th at approximately 12:45 a.m. The store clerk, who had talked with Curtis, referred to him as "The Cross-Dresser" and said that during their conversations he confirmed he was gay and was married with children at home. During his visit to the video store Curtis was observed wearing women's lingerie while receiving oral sex from an unidentified man in one of the movie viewing booths inside the store.
Oh, and after providing the police with exacting details of the whole hookerific shebang, Rep. Curtis suddenly claimed that Castagna had drugged him and that he "was so out of it he really didn’t know what happened." It is to laugh. And here's video of the hooker claiming his (relative) innocence.

As this is all going down in his backyard, stay with Dan Savage's SLOG for updates and more deliciously dishy dirty details. I'm quite anxious to hear Rep. Curtis justify voting against every LGBT-friendly bill in the Washington state legislature, all while taking it up the ass from male hookers while wearing ladies panties. He must have been so out of it he really didn't know what he was voting on!

Pam Spaulding says
"I’m living a relatively plain jane lesbian existence simply asking for my civil rights while closet cases like Curtis get all sorts of kinks on while railing against openly LGBT citizens. It makes me sick."

Us too, Pam.

Update via JMG reader Crixi: Cody likes cupcakes.

Update II: Curtis has resigned.

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