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Manhattan Monday

-NYC taxis get a logo makeover, design geeks take offense.

-The fine for stealing recyclables from trash has been raised from $100 to $5000 for repeat offenders, in an attempt to thwart underground trash-picking businesses that prowl in advance of city garage trucks. City officials promise that the new law is not aimed at homeless people.

-Daniel Leibeskind is designing a 74-story tower to go up on Madison Avenue next to the Clock Tower. Neighborhood activists are predictably unhappy.

-Subway stations are getting outfitted with powerful cell-phone signal amplifiers, making it possible for commuters to use their phones on the platforms (but not in the tunnels.) The upside: 911 operators will be able to triangulate your position more accurately than if you were on the street.

-Tonight a massive party on Grand Army Plaza will celebrate today's 100th birthday of the Plaza Hotel. Fireworks will be be launched from the hotel's roof and a giant "100" will be illuminated on its side.

-The MTA is proposing a new fare schedule that would give discounts for commuting during off-peak hours. Pay-per-ride fares would drop to $1.50 for off-peak and midday travel. The new plan would do away with the bonus rides given for Metrocard purchases over $10. An alternate plan raises the per-ride charge to $2.25.

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