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Manhattan Monday

-Fuerzabruta, a show involving aerial, aquatic, acrobatic and dancing components opens on Wednesday in Union Square's Daryl Roth Theatre. "Fuerzabruta (it means “brute force”) is a largely wordless physical and visual extravaganza inspired in part by Carnaval. It is built around a few major set pieces: a 45-foot clear-bottom tilting pool, hung from the ceiling and only partly filled; flying, building-size Mylar curtains; and the moving treadmill. The 13 men and women in the cast run, fly, swim and dive, strapped in harnesses and occasionally hovering just above the audience, which remains standing for the hourlong show." Tickets are $70.

-NYC's rotating taxi strike is on again today, with approximately 10,000 of the city's cabs off the roads for 24 hours. Mayor Bloomberg has reinstated the zone system for fare calculations - $10 per passenger, $5 per zone. Ugh, I hate when cabs are allowed to pick up other fares during your ride. Washington DC, the last major city in the country on a zone system, decided last week to switch to metered fares.

-Horseback riding has returned to Central Park. Guided tours operated by a Bronx-based stable will take you through the park's four miles of bridle paths. Cost: $100/hr. In April, Manhattan's last horse stable closed to be turned into luxury condos.

-Yesterday Broadway's stagehand union voted unanimously to strike if they don't get a new contract within 30 days. The strike would darken 22 of 39 Broadway houses.

-Arrests of NYPD cops for theft, fraud, drug use, corruption, and sexual improprieties climbed 25% last year. Last week a fresh scandal arose when the bust of an illegal internet steroid distributor revealed a number of city cops on its customer list.


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