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Queen To Queen

I'm blogging from Charlotte, North Carolina, the "Queen City", waiting for my connection to San Francisco. Yay for free wireless! Boo for not flying direct. The airport is a morgue, from where I'm sitting I can see exactly two people.

In SF, I'll be staying with my old buddy Leif, operations honcho for Hot House. Tonight: Powerhouse. Tomorrow, the Castro Street Fair, following by the main reason for this trip, the 30th anniversary of the Trocadero Transfer, Remember The Party, starring my pal DJ Jerry Bonham.

I hope to see lots of y'all at the fair tomorrow. Oy vey, look at that. Thirty minutes back in Note Cackalackey and the y'alls are flowing. My country roots are showing. And there's my plane, I gots to be goin'.

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