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Sandy Murder Trial Update

To bolster his contention that he is gay himself and therefore not subject to hate crimes embellishments in the murder of Michael Sandy, yesterday three "older" men testified on behalf of defendant Anthony Fortunato, 21, stating that they had hooked up with Fortunato online previous to the Sandy murder. Two of the men mentioned that Fortunato had showed up at their homes wearing women's underwear.

"To my shock he was wearing ladies' undergarments, he had a bra, if I remember correctly, and a G-string," one of the men testified. If the jury believes that Fortunado is himself gay, the hate crimes embellishment could be dismissed, which I find just outrageous. Gay hate crimes are OFTEN committed by closeted gays. If this defense works, I can't see the point of having hate crimes embellishments at all.

A message from the friends and family of Michael Sandy:
Only one short year ago Michael was taken from us...and as this anniversary arises we'd like you to know the current status and updates from The Michael Sandy Foundation.

The Michael Sandy Foundation has been accredited with a 501(c)3 which makes us a NY Nonprofit Organization established with a Board of Directors. We've been very busy this past year finaling all the paperwork necessary to be given exempt tax status and become Incorporated, and now that we are the real work begins.

Please, dear friends, join with us in a one year memorial for Michael Sandy on Saturday the 13th of October 2007 at the St. Ignatius Church in Manhattan. The following day, October 14th, a candlelight vigil will be held where Michael was killed, Plumb Beach.
More here: The Michael Sandy Foundation.

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