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Unshocking Poll: New York Dirty But Fun

According to 60,000 readers of Travel + Leisure, the top three cities in the U.S. in terms of gay-friendliness are San Francisco, New Orleans, and Portland, Oregon. New York is the 7th most mo-friendly. New York ranks last in cleanliness (I'd put 17th place SF there), affordability, and access to outdoors, but Gotham is first in overall culture, people watching, classical music, theatre, and the underground arts scene.

Philadelphia has the ugliest people of the 25 American cities on the poll, but San Diego and Miami are apparently hottie central. Chicago has the best skyline, followed by New York and San Francisco. That seems about right. Unsurprisingly, my hometown of Orlando scrapes the bottom of most of the culture categories, but does rank #1 for family vacations. Too bad they didn't ask about titty bars, Orlando would totally rule.

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