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JMG: 2007 Best LGBT Weblog

Thanks to your kind support, this here website thingy won the 2007 Best LGBT Weblog Award yesterday. Squeee! As I could not be in Las Vegas to attend the awards ceremony at BlogWorldExpo, the lovely and talented Pam Spaulding graciously agreed to go up to the podium on my behalf. Pam kindly sent along the above photo last night, what a classy gal! I'm sorry to deprive our Pam of her threepeat (Pam's House Blend won for the past two years), but pleased as acid-spiked punch to win.

I'm not kidding myself, though. These things are often mere beauty pageants, driven as much by the nominated blogs' hit count as their quality. But since ya gotta be doing something right to have those hits in the first place, I'm very honored to follow the amazing Pam into the top spot. Big thanks also go out to Bilerico Project, AMERICAblog, Mombian, Perge Modo, After Elton, HRC Back Story and my hot sexy readers for their congratulations.

I think I'm going to have to attend BlogWorldExpo next year. Bloggers were partying like Siegfried & Roy, according to a couple of stories I've heard. And I'll save my million kroner prize award from this year to use in the slots. Oh, wait.

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