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Let's Get Physical

If you want the new Eagles album, their first in 28 years and this week's #1 on Billboard, you have to go to Wal-Mart as they are the exclusive retailer for the release. With few retail music chains left and indie record shops vanishing almost completely, for physical, in person sales, the music business is reverting to the sales model of 40 years ago, when albums were either sold from discount store endcaps or in a small corner of stores that primarily sold televisions.

There are a few notable music-only stores struggling along, Amoeba and Rasputin in the Bay Area, for example. But while getting new music has never been easier, the internet has been both boon and bane for emerging artists. How many of us discovered a fantastic new act because we were drawn to an amateurish display created by a teenage fan/clerk in a local record shop? I miss that.

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