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New Cartoon About Gay Families

Two lesbian moms in Nebraska have produced a DVD cartoon about their son. Buddy G- My Two Moms and Me is about a 5-year-old with two moms who loves science and uses a computer strapped to his arm to solve problems. The cartoon's producer says, "There's people out there who would like to pretend families like ours don't exist, but we do." Sweet, huh?

Freepers react:

- "Then there’s people like me who won’t pretend they’re families."

- "Uh... no. I know ebola exists, that doesn't mean I want to see a movie about a little boy with it."

- "15 or 20 years from now,when this kid has hanged himself or is serving 20 years in jail these filthy freaks will cry out...”but we did everything right!”"

- "This is really insensitive to those children with three mommies."

- "Such nonsense as two dysfunctional sexually deviant adults of the same sex producing a "child of their own" is biologically impossible, and only exists in the PC-crowd's minds."

Gentle readers, I provide these occasional Freeper quotes to demonstrate the continuing rabid homophobia of much of middle America. The movement is making fantastic strides in many arenas, primarily thanks to the legislative and judicial decisions. But we've got light-years to go in winning over the hoi polloi.

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