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Stall, Delay, Lie

Unsurprisingly, Republican legislators are trying a number of tactics to stall today's ENDA vote, including a lengthy debate of a procedural issue (requiring a vote) and a call to adjourn for the day, which failed.

Many reps have made impassioned speeches on both sides of the issue. Dennis Kucinich struck early by voicing strenuous objection to the removal of the Baldwin amendment, which would have added transgender protection back to the bill. Republicans have sounded the usual "special rights" and "Christian bookstores will be REQUIRED to hire hummersexshuls!" sorts of lies.

This will be a long day.

UPDATE: The debate is back on, finally. Watch it live online.

UPDATE II: Rep. Mark Souder (R-IN) just used an Andrew Sullivan quote to support his case against the bill.

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