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Fundies Surrender On NJ Gay Marriage

Via Pam's House Blend comes news that New Jersey is getting so close to having the votes necessary to approve same-sex marriage, even the "family values" crowd is ready to throw in the towel.

From Blue Jersey:
Last week Garden State Equality chairman Steven Goldstein projected that they are just a few votes short of a majority in support of marriage equality, with about 19 votes in the Senate and 39 in the Assembly, where 21 and 41, respectively are needed for a majority.

In an email to supporters, Len Deo of the NJ Family Policy Council - a right wing group trying to impose it's extremist theocratic agenda on New Jersey - said that their "own contacts confirm support for the same-sex "marriage" bill is a couple legislators short."

That huge admission must be discouraging to his followers, but Deo assures them "we will continue to fight the good fight," a political euphemism for "we're going to lose."

It's far from a done deal, of course. But when the other side is ready to pack it in, you've got to feel optimistic.

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