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And Now Fort Lauderdale

JMG reader Andy reports today that Coliseum, the last big gay dance club in Fort Lauderdale, has closed. The legendary Fort Lauderdale Copa closed after 30 years in 2005 due to damage from Hurricane Wilma. I think there may be one or two smaller gay places with dance floors still around, but they are 2am clubs, not one of the 'til-the-break-of-dawn dance palaces like Copa that made La-De-Da famous. Who remembers Tacky's, Backstreet, or 21?

I would have thought that at least Fort Lauderdale, arguably the gayest city in the country, would be immune to the wave of club closures sweeping the country. I was last at Coliseum for New Year's Eve 2005. Had a great time. Sad face.

I'm curious, what big gay dance clubs are left in this country? Are there any megaclubs left, the kind that can hold thousands? I think the new Town in DC might qualify, but I haven't seen it yet.

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