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Log Cabin Republicans Defend McCain's Homophobo-Robo Calls

Everybody's favorite idiots, the Log Cabin Republicans, are defending John McCain's homophobic robo-calls to Florida's voters.
The attacks on Sen. John McCain by the gay Left are completely out-of-bounds and don’t reflect the facts.

Let’s look at those facts:

Had anyone bothered to reach out to the McCain Campaign, they would have realized Sen. McCain immediately stopped the calls. The campaign told us Sen. McCain never saw the script and never approved it, which is why he stopped the calls ASAP.

Of course, those facts won’t satisfy the left-wing who pounces on these kinds of things. But where were these same left-wingers when Democrat Barack Obama, who has never introduced a single piece of pro-gay legislation in his Senate career, paraded around on stage with an anti-gay religious leader who believes in so-called “conversion therapy”? Where were they when Democrat Sen. Hillary Clinton couldn’t bring herself to denounce Gen. Peter Pace’s anti-gay remarks last year? Where were they when Obama proposed meetings and negotiations with the gay-murdering president of Iran?
I don't know where these bozos have been for the last year, but the gay and progressive left did indeed scream long and loudly over the Donnie McClurkin, Peter Pace, and Iran incidents. Visit any of a million gay blogs including Towleroad, Pam's House Blend, Good As You or the above JMG links for proof.

And as for their defense of John McCain, once again, the Log Cabinettes have proved themselves worthy of nothing more than our scorn.

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