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Ethics Panel Tells Larry Craig:
We Know You Did It

A bipartisan Senate ethics panel admonished Sen. Larry Craig yesterday, telling him that they believe he did the crime of which he was accused and that he'd improperly attempted to use his Senate position to evade charges.
The six members of the committee - three Democrats and three Republicans - told Craig they believed he "committed the offense to which you pled guilty" and that "you entered your plea knowingly, voluntarily and intelligently."

The panel also admonished Craig for showing the arresting officer a business card that identified him as a U.S. senator. Craig has been reported to have told the officer at the time, "What do you think about that?"

The committee wrote, "You knew or should have known that a reasonable person in the position of the arresting officer could view your action and statement as an improper attempt by you to use your position and status ... to receive special and favorable treatment."
Aside from this "letter of admonition", no further action is planned against Craig. The matter is essentially over. His guilty plea will stand and he will blithely continue to work against the rights of LGBT Americans. It was a bullshit charge to begin with, but man - how I enjoyed seeing him suffer all the same.

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