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The Frank / Foreman Feud Continues

Outgoing NGLTF head Matt Foreman appeared on Michelangelo Signorile's show yesterday to take a parting shot at Rep. Barney Frank over the ENDA vote.
"Of the many things I've loved about being in the Task Force," says Foreman, "is that, you know, we're a progressive organization, and we're proud of it, and that we have a history of speaking the truth and seeing the world in a bigger way than just a 'gay-specific,' 'me-first-all-the-time' attitude that affects so much of our movement."

"I think what really happened," says Foreman of Congress' handling of employment discrimination protections for LGBT people, "is [Speaker Nancy Pelosi's] people said 'Look, Congress has a terrible reputation right now, they're not delivering for any progressive causes... What do we have to do to deliver to our progressive allies?' That means labor and health and environment and gays. And, so, I mean, I don't know this for a fact, but I would bet my life that this is what happened: They went to Barney Frank and said 'What do we need to pass ENDA?'"

"Representative Frank," continues Foreman, "who has always been pretty squeamish on the trans issue, and I guess I can say these things because I am leaving my job..."

"That's what we hoped you'd do," Signorile says to Foreman.

Foreman goes on: "...You know, said 'Look the best way to pass ENDA, and the easiest way is to -- let's take out gender identity,' and I don't think the Speaker's people thought this through--didn't think it through--and then they said 'OK, let's do it'."
Go to PageOneQ for audio clips of the interview. A spokesman for Frank called the idea that Frank is "squeamish" on the trans issue "absurd." Barney Frank will appear on the Signorile show today at 3:30pm EST to personally respond. Tune into SiriusOutQ to listen.

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