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Me And My Rhythm Box

Here's an art film flashback from 1982, sent to me by a friend who shares my love for Liquid Sky, which is just about the best/worst movie ever. This bit is where Paula E. Shepard (the only one in the movie who could really act, even though she never acted again) does her big performance art piece at the East Village new wave club where much of the movie is set.

How can you not love a movie in which microscopic aliens become addicted to the chemical created in the human brain at the moment of orgasm and must kill the coming human in order to harvest said chemical? And you've got to love the sex scene between the male and female leads, who, by the way, are played by the same actress.

By the late 80's my friends and I had every word of Liquid Sky memorized. "Sometimes my brain is a pain in the ass."

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