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America's Next Top Ho Model

Eliot Spitzer's last hooker hook-up, would-be pop star Ashley Dupre', is turning into quite the media darling. Her MySpace page has had millions of hits, her name is now in Google's top-searched list, and she's had offers from Hustler, Penthouse, and Playboy.

Dupre's rushed-out single, Move Ya Body, is already getting nonstop play on NYC radio. You can preview the single here. Sounds kinda Britney-y to me.

A lyrical sample:
Drag me around and make me go insane.
Can you make my temperature scream?
Need your hands all over me,
Make me nasty show me what you need.
Bend me over take me there, to your world , grab my hair.
Put it like you want it, toss me all around.
Show me how you get down…

I love America.

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