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Belle De Jour Goes Hollywood

Speaking of things hooker-ish, four years ago this here website thingy got a huge kick in the readership when out of nowhere JMG was added to the blogroll of Belle De Jour, the secret-identity blog of an English call girl which was the fascination of the UK public. Belle landed a book deal, the book was a smash and has now been turned into a Showtime miniseries, Secret Diary Of A Call Girl.
Taken from best-selling, real-life diaries, SECRET DIARY OF A CALL GIRL is an eye-opening look into the world of a high-end call girl leading a double life. To her friends and family she is Hannah, a legal secretary clocking in regular hours and enjoying a "normal" life. To her clients, she is Belle, the answer to every man's fantasies. Her challenge is to keep her two lives separate. Inevitably they begin to blur. Each half-hour episode is an illuminating glimpse behind the scenes of the high-class sex trade. The heroine struggles with personal and moral issues — with some rather naughty adventures along the way.
I have no idea how Belle found JMG way back when, but since JMG and Diablo Cody remain on her short blogroll, I should reach out to them for a JMG miniseries. We can cast Lynette, Freddy, and Crixi. Who wants to play a Freeper troll?

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