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Homosexual Cleansing

Jeremy at Good As You found this clip, just posted to YouTube under the title Homosexual Cleansing, in which two masked men mock their "ex friend Pete the homo" and smash a photo of Pete with a baseball bat while an off-camera man shouts "Eliminate the faggots!" through a bullhorn. Chilling and disturbing.

There seem to be enough clues in the poster's other YouTube videos to identify the guy. It would be such a shame for his name to be associated with this video out on the internet, you know, should a future employer want to Google him.

UPDATE: The author of the video has scrubbed his YouTube account of the other videos that may have identified him. (Probably too late, thanks to the JMG sleuths!) If somebody out there knows how to capture the Homosexual Cleansing clip, I'll be happy to send it to the Stamford, Connecticut police.

UPDATE II: Thanks to JMG reader Kevin, I've got an copy of the clip.

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