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Hulu Time

I've been checking out Hulu, the new joint venture from NBC and Fox. Hulu features free streaming of TV shows and movies, but you have to watch an ad a few times during the course of the presentation. AfterElton complains that there isn't much content of gay interest, but I've watched a couple of black-and-white episodes of Bewitched. That's pretty gay.

In addition to programming from the main partners, Hulu features shows from Bravo, the Sci Fi Channel, FX, Sony, the USA Network, E! and others. The selection is rather random, so if you go looking for a specific episode of a certain show, you might be disappointed. Also rather annoying is the seeming randomness with which some shows' episodes are available in full, while other episodes are only there in clip form. So far, I give Hulu a two-star rating.

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