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Paterson Sworn In As Governor

I just watched our new governor, David Paterson, being sworn in at a joint session of the state legislature. Probably like most of the people of New York, this was the first time I'd heard Paterson speak and I found him quite charming. After taking the oath of office (which was followed by a standing ovation and chants of "David! David!"), his speech reminded me more of a Catskills master of ceremonies than of a stuffy politician.

Paterson started by cracking a joke about being blind and then launched into a lengthy recognition of the many politicos in the room for the historic ceremony including Sen. Hillary Clinton, Sen. Chuck Schumer, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, former NY governor George Pataki, and former NYC mayor David Dinkins. As he recognized the evil Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno, Paterson mentioned that Bruno had invited him to dinner at his ranch. Paterson: "I'd told him I'd come, but I was bringing my food taster." Rim-shot! I like this guy already.

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