Main | Monday, April 07, 2008

Daily Grumble

Are plain white button-down cotton shirts simply not made anymore? Yesterday I hit up every store on the Upper East Side - Bloomingdales, Gap, Banana Republic, and on and on - and found bupkis. Either the shirts were over-fancy with ridiculous buttons or they were of some open weave that would be suitable for tending bar in a poolside tiki hutch. I even hit up all 87 designer boutiques within Bloomies and couldn't find just a plain white cotton button-down. Banana Republic came closest, except for the giant blue flowers over the pocket. See, this is why I hate shopping. I wait until I need one specific item, then I try and go get that item and can't find it. With my weird size requirements, I've never trusted buying clothing online. But I guess I'll have to find a site that sells cotton button-downs for short, wide-shouldered, thick-necked guys with short arms. I should have asked around at the Dugout.


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