Main | Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Wake-Up

Download Me by Italian techno duo XP8 should kickstart your week quite nicely. From their bio on LastFM:
XP8 is Marco Visconti and Marko Resurreccion. The band, started in 2001 as a trio including previous singer Paul Toohill and based in Rome, Italy , composes an airy blend of EBM, electronica, techno and trance, bringing their various visions and talents to life with synthetic vibrancy and danceable beats, crossing electronic genres with relative ease.
I'm hearing a heavy NIN influence and that's a good thing. Logically enough XP8 (Get it? Expiate?) is providing a free download of Download Me. Looks like the single has been out for about four months, but I just came across it.


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