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An Oopsie For Out Magazine

Matthew over at Boy Culture found an amusing mistake in the new issue of Out Magazine, in which they list "Pastor" Donnie Davies' Love God's Way as "favorite website of the month". I guess the folks at Out don't know that Donnie was outed as a hoax here on JMG in January 2007. Matt notes:
The most embarrassing thing I've seen in a national gay magazine in a while is on page 25—the editors of "The List" don't realize that, starring ex-gay Donnie Davies, was exposed as a hoax last year. This was such a huge deal on the 'Net that I find it hard to believe no one at Out knew about it. It's tempting to turn this into a new vs. old media argument.
The theme of this month's Out is "The 50 Most Powerful Gays And Lesbians In America."

The top 10:

10. Peter Thiel
9. Marc Jacobs
8. Joe Solmonese
7. Jann Wenner
6. Andrew Tobias
5. Tim Gill
4. David Geffen
3. Anderson Cooper
2. Barney Frank
1. Ellen DeGeneres

Go to Towleroad for the complete list.

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