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Fascists Block Moldovan Pride

In Moldova's capital of Chisinau:
Lesbian and gay activists in Moldova have begged the European Union and the Council of Europe to intervene after their attempt to hold a Pride event at the weekend was banned and then blocked by police inaction and violence. In the capital Chisinau yesterday a bus with 60 Pride marchers was surrounded by hundreds of members of co-ordinated groups, including extremist religious groups and members of the neo-fascist movement.

GenderDoc-M, the country’s gay rights group, reported: “200 to 400 people had surrounded the bus. The core of the crowd was teenagers, some dressed military-style, some wearing black masks and others skinhead-like, carrying posters with derogatory messages and signs.

“The outer ring of the crowd was mostly middle-aged men wearing black clothes encouraging the former. Six traffic police cars stood approximately 100 metres away without taking any action whatsoever.” Pride organisers said that the gay-hate crowds entered the bus and grabbed flags and banners, while their companions shouted “Beat them to death” and “Don’t let them escape.”

There were reportedly nine attempts to call the police during this incident, with no response.
Moldovan police have banned Pride events for the last four years.

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