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Grey's Anatomy Shows America How Gay Men Really Kiss

Last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy featured a subplot that saw two handsome active duty military men engaging in a steamy and prolonged hospital bed kiss as the unloved Dr. Grey looked on with tearful envy.

The ill soldier was awaiting brain tumor surgery and his boyfriend, who was about to be deployed overseas, had offered to go AWOL to help him recuperate, to the objections of his partner. Their kiss was interrupted by the ill soldier's angry father, who ordered the boyfriend out of the room.

Alone with Dr. Grey, the sick soldier referenced "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and said, "You keep your personal life separate from your work life. I just never thought I'd meet my personal life at work." As the ill soldier was being wheeled to surgery, Dr. Grey slowed the gurney and urged him to speak to his boyfriend, who was seated in an adjacent room.

But as his father and an Army official were looking on, he only shared a long tortured look with his boyfriend before being wheeled away. He then died on the operating table, with his uniformed lover returning to deliver a poignant kiss on the lips, again with Dr. Grey looking tearfully on.

Kudos to Grey's Anatomy for so vividly demonstrating the evil of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and for depicting the soldiers as loving, devoted, passionate humans who actually kissed like lovers kiss. It was a beautiful thing.

The episode has "GLAAD Award" written all over it, but I'll be more interested to watch the wingnuts completely lose their shit over this. THAT will be a beautiful thing too. Cue the outraged press releases in 3, 2, 1....

UPDATE: Here's the clip.

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