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The Heckler's Veto

On Wednesday, students at the all-female Smith College invaded the auditorium where anti-gay author Ryan Sorba was giving a speech in support of his new book, The Born Gay Hoax. Chanting and banging pots, the students forced Sorba to abandon his lecture.

And played right into the right's evil hands.

Wingnuts continuously accuse progressives of stifling dissent, of shouting down the opposition. Which is exactly what happened at Smith College. Protest yes, but do it outside the venue. Yes, it's thrilling to see so many passionate Smith students defending themselves against Sorba's asshattery and perhaps we can forgive their youthful zeal. And yes, Sorba was sort of asking for it by appearing at the famously pro-gay Smith College. But that shoe can be worn on the other foot. We wouldn't stand for that, would we?

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